I put a GPS tracker on my Dog

I got my dog a GPS pet tracker and here’s why…

I was getting ready for bed one late winter night and I saw on the Instagram (thanks, @petcareaupair) there was a missing dog in my neighborhood. I didn’t care about the cold. My beagle-golden mix, Alfred and I bundled up about 11 pm in February and we went out on the search. Of course, we only lasted little more than an hour before we needed to come home, warm up, and go to bed.

So why now? Why six(ish) months later am I becoming so crazy that I need to GPS track my dog?

Alfred has never gotten out of the yard or lost. *knocking on wood*
So, why on earth did I invest $100+ in a GPS tracker for him?
Over the past few months, I’ve been growing more and more paranoid that he would get out of the yard, lost… or worse.
I guess as I think about it, the warm weather hit. We are going on more walks and later when it’s still light out. I’m seeing posters up of scared owners looking for cats and dogs alike. There’s a community website/app we are on where we see notifications of pet owners looking for their furry family members. Missing pets are all around me. Why wouldn’t I get paranoid? Alfred, though only 33lbs, is tall and very athletic. He can run, jump, and climb. -He can be a very determined pup!

It’s been eating at me. I’ve got to watch him when he’s in the yard. I’m constantly nagging, yes nagging my wife to make sure she keeps and eye on him. I can’t get it out of my mind…

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

I’d tell my wife about getting a GPS tracker for him and she looked at me like I’m nuts. Then proceed to tell me I’m nuts.

Then on our honeymoon, we got the text, the maid of honor in our wedding lost her dog. They couldn’t find him for hours. We were sickened with the sadness of what it’d be like if we were in our friends’ shoes.

Still, we did not do anything about it. Weeks later Alf still only had a small barrier between home and forever lost.

Then one fateful Tuesday afternoon, Alfred and I were on the last leg of our daily walk when we spotted a small, teacup-esque dog in the middle of the street. No owner around. Alf and I approach the lone dog with care to not spook her and I was able to get hold of her collar. I scooped her up and brought her home. -Because why would I have my cell phone on me right? I call the first of two phone numbers on her tag. Her owner, not home and unaware that her dog got out of the house immediately returned and picked her up within twenty minutes. I found her on a busy residential street no more than 100 feet from a major intersection of two very busy, multiple lane roads.

I immediately searched for the best GPS on the market and found the Whistle3.

Setup was a cinch! It took all of maybe five minutes to get it connected and on Alfred. It’s not too big or bulky and it doesn’t weigh much at all. Alred didn’t even notice it. -Unlike the time I hooked a GoPro Session to him. He was super annoyed. That’s for another time though.


I’m able to set up multiple safe areas for him. My yard and my parent’s house (about 30 miles away) for now. If/when he leaves the safe area that I was able to define easily on a map right in the app, the phone(s) get a notification informing me Alfred has left his home and pinpoints his exact location. It also can (and does) immediately send a text and email to as many phone numbers as I want.

I’m able to set up multiple safe areas for him.

This handy little device is also an activity tracker, so when I’m at work I’ll be able to know how active or lazy he’s being. It’s always on the latter. It’s that extra little nudge to me to make sure I walk him and play some fetch in the yard.

Total cost was about $130 after I paid for a year of service. A bargain price for the peace of mind it offers.

I highly recommend getting your paws on a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker


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