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    There are many countries on this earth that are suffering from drought. The problem of water shortage is very serious. Even a month can not drink a clean and healthy water. It is a tropical climate in the south. The weather is very hot, if people drink it again. In the case of Sheung Shui, this situation is simply too cruel. I feel that God is too unfair to them, but I am also fortunate that I was born in a national school where water resources are not lacking. I organized a donation action this week, although Everyone donated a lot, but I have heard of this idiom. As long as everyone donates 1 yuan Newport Cigarettes, the money of our schoolmates can also be used for a well, so that you can alleviate some drinks. The burden on the water, and the friends of the same age in the South, they are the flowers of the future of the motherland, who can save them if we do not save them? If there is really no ability to give them financial support Parliament Cigarettes, then we can give them spiritual support. People��s love is priceless and the most valuable. As long as everyone gives a love, the world will become Better. Forever friendship is the most precious. For me, my most precious friendship is during the elementary school, because at that time my good friends were our “one class” classmates. In my heart, they are always so simple and lovely Newport 100S. , kindness, we have to bear together, have fun to share, you help me, I help you, everyone seems to be a brother and sister in a big family, although sometimes people will make some small contradictions, but after a while Reconciliation, everyone is together every day, then I think the school is like my own home, because there are my best friends and the happiest me. I remember when the fifth grade ended, we also know that it is time for us to separate, so I cherish the days and I am very reluctant to everyone, because I am afraid to go to everyone, I am afraid that everyone will separate our feelings. Scattered, in the past few days, there have been many things in our class. After those things, I discovered that our mutual feelings will never be scattered. Although we are not studying in a class now, we will miss each other. of. This separation made me understand what a true friendship is, and let me understand that the weight of friendship cannot be measured by any item.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Marlboro Cigarettes
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