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    This summer, G and I went to Qingdao for a meeting. When we passed a toll station, there were a lot of cars in front, and our car was moving slowly. It was close to noon, and I was drowsy in the seat of the co-pilot. Someone knocked on the window outside the car, and the driver Wang pressed the glass and asked: What are you doing? It was a sixty or seventy-year-old man with a bag on his shoulder and two small bags of dates in his hand. Q: Master, can you buy dates? It’s sweet. Xiao Wang said impatiently: “Don’t buy it, you guys are all cooked, not sweet at all!” Raise the glass while talking. The old man outside the car was still talking about the cat’s waist, with a sincere expression. G, who is sitting behind, presses the glass and asks: How to sell it? The old man quickly answered: three bags of ten dollars. G always handed over ten yuan in the past, and the old man cheerfully took out three bags of dates and brought them into the car. We continue to blame Xiao Wang: You do n��t know, Mr. G. It is not yet the season for jujube maturity. Looking at the red, they are actually covered by them, not sweet at all, I was deceived. G always smiled and said, “Oh, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if you eat or not. He’s so old. It’s not easy to make a small sale in a low voice in the big sun. Let’s take it as a good thing. Ten yuan won’t buy anything.” Xiao Wang no longer spoke. My total respect for G has increased by another point. I’ve seen the decisive side of Mr. G in his work, and the compassionate and soft side of him. G, who was over half a year old, went south and north, met many people, many things, struggled in the mud, laughed in good luck, and experienced, how could he not know that the date is not sweet, but just willing to give that goodwill? Newport Cigarettes. G’s old friend once told me one thing about him. More than ten years ago, Mr. G was on a business trip and suffered a car accident on the road. The car was scrapped and he was unscathed. I don’t know if this is a miracle. If so, I would rather believe the phrase in the Tao Te Ching: There is no relative in the heavens, and I am always kind. I know a lot of successful people, they almost all have one thing in common-kindness. Once, I went to play with friend M’s company, and he happened to be away, so I waited in his office. His secretary poured me a cup of tea and chatted with me. I asked him how many years he had been here, and he said that it was six or seven years. It was the first job after graduation and it should be the last Cigarettes For Sale. Seeing my confusion, he explained: Our boss is very good Newport 100S, and I am willing to follow him for a lifetime. The secretary said that M silently subsidizes several impoverished college students every year and never publicizes. He has helped many people in need, and his employees are also in it. But he did not mention the good things he did. Few people knew the admiration of the secretary: we are a food company, the competition is fierce, and many of our colleagues are getting smaller and smaller, and our output value and profits are increasing every year. The company has grown steadily and locally. Bernard Shaw said: Goodness and virtue are as good as gems are in metal. They are mutually reinforcing, and they add glory. My friend M is kind and his employees are willing to follow such bosses to work hard. Naturally, they can produce good products and sell well. This is a virtuous circle, which is actually normal. Of course, doing good things doesn’t have to cost money and time. Sometimes, a kind smile can also bring unexpected surprises. The year I started working, the unit hired a temporary worker for the boiler. Once I took the initiative to greet him and was seen by a colleague in one of our departments. She felt strange and said, why are you still saying hello to him? I understand what she means, and a Boiler Worker need not be so polite, and I should leave this enthusiasm to “useful” people. And I haven’t learned that worldly so far. One weekend, my classmates and I went cycling outside the city to play. The tire was punctured by something, so we had to push the bicycle to walk, and our mood was extremely bad. The boiler-burning colleague lives at the outskirts of the city. He went to work that day and met us by passing by. He jumped out of the car and took the tools out of his bag neatly, helping me repair the tires. I asked him why he still carried these tools with him. He said that there are often messy things on this road that will tie tires, and he prepared this. I secretly rejoice in my own smile. He may see me and pretend that I can’t see the old saying that the Ji people have their own appearance. The so-called Ji people are good people; the so-called heaven is your environment and the people around you, and the so-called phase is to help and protect you. If you want good luck, as long as you have good intentions, it’s enough to be a good person. Good heart is an interaction. You are good people, and ultimately benefit yourself. That is the blessing you cultivated, and also the reward given to you by the world.<br/>Related articles:<br/> Cigarettes Online
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