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    Lamella Clarifier Tube settler introduction
    Lamella Clarifier Tube settler is very suitable in all different clarifiers and removing sand. It is regarded as universal water treatment equipment in water supply and drainage engineering. It has wide application, high handling efficiency, small area, etc. It is suitable in removing sand in inlet, industry and drinking water precipitation, separation in oil & water.
    The modular and cubical self-supporting settler design of Lamella Clarifier Tube settler aids handling during installation and any subsequent maintenance.

    Lamella Clarifier Tube settler Application
    1.Sloped tube is mainly used for sedimentation and sand removal, which is adopted widely in water supply engineering and drainage engineering.
    2.Straight-type sloped tube is mainly used as micro-organism carrier for biological filter, high-load biological filter, tower type biological filter , flooded type ( also called oxidation pool) and biological disc-spinning, which can purify industrial organic wastewater and urban sewage by bio-chemical treatment.

    Advantages of Lamella Clarifier Tube settler
    1.The basins equipped with tube settlers can operate 2-4 times fast.
    2.Cut the coagulant dosage by up to half.
    3.Less filter back washing equates cost savings for both water and electricity.
    4.Flow of existing water treatment plants can be increased through the addition of tube settlers.
    5.Tube Settlers can expand setting capacity and increasing the solids removal rate in settling tanks.
    Packing and Delivery
    Our Service
    1. Reply your inquiry within 24 business hours.
    2. Experienced staff answer all your questions promptly.
    3. Our well-trained professional engineers and staff can provide our clients with unique and unique solutions.
    4. We will choose the most cost-effective logistics and transportation for customers according to the quantity purchased.
    5. We will send you free spare parts if the product problem is caused by us.
    6. If it is man-made problem, we also send spare parts, but it will be charged. Any questions, You can call us directly.Lamella Tube Settler Media manufacturers

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