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    There is one thing that everyone must have done. Whenever you go to the bank to make a deposit, the salesman will hand you a slip saying, “Please sign here.” At this time, my father called me over and said, “You come to sign.” I finished writing. My father picked it up and frowned, and he said unhappy, “Why is your word so ugly?” I stopped talking, but I remember my father made the two words “ugly” The words are very heavy. After that, I started practicing calligraphy. In modern society, gel pens, mobile phones, and computers are prevalent. I am a person who is still dealing with pens. “Are you still a student? Why do you still hold a pen and throw it away!” Someone asked me like this Say, I do n��t explain to him, but I do: I keep my door closed every day and practice my block letters. I have a habit of practicing words while listening to music. I sing the lyrics in my mouth and write with a stroke of force, and I suddenly find that the melody of music is like this one-lettered word. Bend over, let ��s take a look, what cross-folding hooks, what cross-folding vertical hooks are like Lin Yilian and Li Zongsheng’s “Hurrying Back”, with fluctuating tones, treble and bass so swirling, finally, in a After writing the copybook, I felt more relaxed than ever, just like my father sang the theme song of “Water Margin”, “When it’s time to take a shot Newport 100S, take a shot, and get into Kyushu Newport Cigarettes.” However, I should write when I should write. When I’m not writing, I also ponder when I finish writing a copybook every day, I start to ponder the relationship between words and life. No word can be done in one stroke, except for the word “one”. Especially the strokes of complicated words, it feels like a long road of life, it will never end. Some people take shortcuts, so it’s like writing a book and it’s done in one stroke, so this kind of person enjoys early blessings, smokes, drinks, and plays mahjong, which can never finish. This should be ” Mahjong life. ” Some people take a detour, and when they come over, they are suffering. They have too many bumps and thorns in their lives. Therefore, when they look back on the past, the word “dull years” will not come out of their mouths. Jumping out, on the contrary, “Life is short and I can’t bear to look back” is their true portrayal. Some people take another road. The beginning of the road is very steep. The road behind is gentle. There is no big ups and downs, like the word “sorrow.” In fact, there are still some so-called sorrows in their hearts. When I looked at the book “Saying Wen Jie Zi”, the Chinese people ��s understanding of the structure of the word is profound and profound. It is well-founded. “Where do you come from?” I often heard seniors say this. When I was writing the words of life, I suddenly understood that language is the cornerstone of human communication, but oral and written expressions. It ��s different. We can judge the tone and gender of this person by voice. However, the words written are the key to understanding a person. ��Looking at words is like looking at this person Marlboro Red.�� A senior said this when I signed I was a little puzzled, but when I combined word practice with life, I suddenly felt open and cheerful. The word practice in the student age is to complete the task or because of academic requirements. However, the word practice in adulthood needs to get rid of the impetuousness and utilitarian heart and the temptation of the outside. In the old age, the practice of writing should be a mentality of returning to true nature and a state of mind that “you can see Nanshan leisurely under the harbour of the chrysanthemum.” I am an adult who still holds a pen to write in this era. I am also experiencing life when I am practicing Many states, because I know that life without energy is not wonderful, and words that are not written are not good words, but just passing time<br/>Related articles:<br/> NewportCigarettes
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