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    Moscow, the capital city of Russia is also the cultural, political, industrial and tourism hub, thereby attracting a enormous quantity of leisure tourists and organization travellers at the very same time. More than the past fifty yeas or so, anytime anything outstanding or inexplicable has turned up in Africa, a complete galaxy of non-African (or at any rate non-black) peoples are dragged in to explain it. The Phoenicians are brought in to explain Zimbabwe in Rhodesia(Now Zimbabwe).

    A prominent official in Hispaniola insisted in 1518 that, "Permission be offered to Bring Africans, a race robust for labor, instead of the natives, so weak that they can only be employed in tasks requiring little endurance, such as taking care of maize fields or farms.

    Diop had prayed, "may his operate contribute to the strengthening of the feelings of goodwill which have united Africans from a single end of the continent to the other and this show our organic cultural unity." He created it imperative that a full knowledge of lessons should be learnt from the past in order to ‘keep one’s consciousness the feeling of historical continuity crucial to the consolidation of a multinational state.

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    Up to this far in the Hub, we have come to the point that is extremely important, the effects and impacts of amnesiac historical and cultural, customary, conventional, linguistic, practices and rites of a people is what is holding back any kind and type of improvement that can be undertaken by the Africans of South Africa.

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    Additional, following Globe War II, America was handed the duty for overseeing and managing the international monetary program and international political economy via the creation of institutions and agreements such as the Planet Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), NATO, the UN, and GATT (later to become the Planet Trade Organization – WTO).